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I love the Nazmir swamps in Zandalar

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For the Alliance, he is trying to repair their relationship with the Kul Tiras human sea superpower. Similarly, the Horde ventures into the lost continent of Zandalar to deal  WoW Classic Items with an ancient but powerful empireZandalari trolls. Giving each faction a full-fledged continent significantly increases the range of the Battle of Azeroth and this is an impressive feat. Now that I have spent some time setting both the Horde and the Alliance at the maximum level of 120, the Battle of Azeroth looks almost like two extensions in one.

The Kul Tiras and Zanadalar Islands are among the most unusual in the history of Warcraft and are the culmination of the battle for Azeroth. After the Broken Isles of Legion, which looked like one of the biggest hits of the Warcraft tradition, I love how consistent, but each of the new islands is diverse.

Take, for example, Kul Tiras. This sea island is divided into three zones, each of which feels like an organic expansion of itself, while remaining identifiable and unforgettable. The Tiragarde Sound tundra protect the capital of Boralus, torn apart by political quarrels. Drustvar, in the west, is a mountain range surrounded by phantasmagoric forests, where the villages gradually succumb to the wicked wizard's magic. In the north, however, there is the Stormsong Valley, the green granary of Kul Tiras, where the sea priests of Cthulhu-esque practice their ancient rituals in the shadow of a gigantic cadaver sculpted in the mountain.

On the other hand, the continent of Zanadalar, which equates the Horde, can not be more diverse in terms of aesthetics Buy Gold in WoW Classic . It is a lush jungle full of impressive dinosaurs, the golden cities of the Aztecs, and blood-thirsty trolls who live in the swamps, trying to free their god of blood from an old underground prison. Although the areas are so different, everyone is wonderful in their own way. In particular, I love the Nazmir swamps in Zandalar, where there is no shortage of haunted landscapes, like the corpse of a huge turtle excavated by bloody trolls or a horrible bloody red moon suspended just above the terrifying temple, they died. Nazmir is dark and sinister and I can not get tired of it.

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